New from Kahr: Mass-Legal PM9 [Not Shown]

All-American, Massachusetts-based Kahr Arms wants to sell their slick PM9 in their home state. Go figure. To please the gun control nazis in Mitt Romney’s old patch, Karh’s added a frame-mounted safety and loaded chamber indicator to a perfectly-safe-already pistol. OK, there are plenty of people outside the Bay State who like a safety on their gun, too. Which probably factored into Kahr’s thinking. So the new Mass-legal model will be available as an option no matter where you live. One side benefit . . .

Kahr’s fitted the safety model with their new enhanced trigger. It offers a shorter, lighter pull than their standard smooth but longer pulling revolver-style bangswitch. Aside from that, same great gun. Same credit card melting price (msrp $786.00). Sometimes the gun gods giveth and sometimes the gun grabbers taketh away.


  1. avatar jkp says:

    Didn’t the PM9 already have a loaded chamber indicator? I know my MK9 does….

  2. avatar Zealot says:

    Just because it has the features required to make it MA legal doesn’t mean it’s available (or is guaranteed to ever be so) in the Bay State. There are two lists that a gun needs to be on in order for our overlords of protection to allow us the privilege of ownership of a specific model: “The Approved Weapons Roster” (or some such) which is publicly available with mostly measurable and deliverable benchmarks of “safety” (still bs) and the Attorney General’s super secret list with variable benchmarks shrouded in mystery and (probably) graft. If a gun meets the requirements of the first list that’s all well and good. It still needs to get passed the Atty. Gen’s all-knowing gaze in order to be available to the peasantry – ur – citizenry.

    1. avatar cameron says:

      +1 This

  3. avatar Rifleman762 says:

    The PM9 has been sold for quite some time in MA already. You can see it on the featured page at the Four Seasons or Collectors Gallery websites, for example, and I’ve known people who have carried a PM9 or PM40 for over a year, at least. Why is this news now?

  4. avatar Frank says:

    Does the girl come with the gun?

    1. avatar Ron says:

      Sorry Frank, I bought that one.

    2. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Be more specific.

    3. avatar Ralph says:

      Is the girl MA approved?

  5. avatar Ron says:

    Glad they went with the Smith and Wesson safety.
    Eliminates the possibility of inadvertently locking the gun.

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