New from Franchi: Refreshed Affinity Shotguns

And the award for most accommodating shotgun vendor at Media Day goes to…the fine folks at Franchi. Not that the Armed Intelligentsia give a flying fig which makers make it hard or easy on your loyal correspondents. Nor should they. No, much more important is  that Franchi’s updated line of Affinity shotguns is affordable, nicely built and fun to shoot. . .

I picked up their 20 gauge auto-loader and peppered some clay Frisbees. If you’re a smaller shooter or don’t enjoy the kick of even a 12 gauge gas gun, the .20 gives you plenty of little lead balls and you probably won’t even know the gun has fired. Well almost. And with an MSRP of $799, it’s nicely priced, too.


  1. avatar Joe nobody says:

    20 gauge and .20 are not the same thing fyi

    1. Slip of the digits. Corrected.

  2. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

    So, street price in the $650-$700 range? Hope you guys do a full review of this guy.

  3. avatar Tom says:

    Yeah, this would make a nice 20 gauge upland autoloader for the money.

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