Coming Soon to a Gun Counter Near You: Crimson Trace’s Latest

Thanks to the friendly folks at GunUp, we’ve had easy access to booth staff (which is a lot better than it sounds). Usually, the company’s media relations person or outside PR flack reps the company’s latest and greatest products. Down at the Crimson Trace encampment, Top Shot season one champ and good-natured former Brit Iain Harrison made the introduction . . .

First up: a new LightGuard prototype Crimson Trace is developing for 1911s (top of post). Up to now, you had to carry a plastic fantastic firearm to deploy a LightGuard. JMB fanboyz will soon be able to slap a LightGuard onto the not-so-obscure object of their desire. MSRP will be right about $200.

Crimson Trace (CT) makes Lasergrips and Laserguards for more firearms than you can shake a lightstick at. Inevitably, odd ducks fall through the quacks. I mean cracks. CT’s announcing a new rail-mounted pistol laser that will pop onto handguns with less rail space than downtown Tokyo. It’s a tap-on, tap-off affair. The paddle switch sits just forward of the trigger guard.

Finally, Iain demoed laser sight prototypes for smaller-framed Springfield plastic pistols. Above: a new new small-frame Lightguard with the traditional under-the-trigger-guard actuator.

CT’s also designed a new Lasergrip that fits smaller-framed XD and XDm pistols. Like their current large-frame XDm-only model, users operate the new unit with a backstrap-mounted grip switch.

Both units should hit the shelves in the second quarter of this year.


  1. avatar Ryan Finn says:

    I love the fact that they go out of the way to make their products actually blend in well with whatever gun you’re strapping them on. This new stuff is no exception.

    Also Dan, my wife wanted me to ask you if you could tell Iain that she thinks kilts are sexy.

    1. I’ll let her email that comment to him.

  2. avatar Sam says:

    Why do they always put the flashlifpght closer to the bore. My thinking is that the laser should be closer so the dot is closer to the POI.

    anyone care to clear that up for me?

    1. avatar Chuck says:

      It shouldn’t matter where the laser is mounted, as long as you set it to shine on the point of impact.

    2. Actually, Iain covered that. He said the original design had the light below the battery compartment. But that resulted in bad shadows. The higher position gives a better field of coverage.

    3. avatar Louie McClure says:

      You can usually adjust the POU of the laser, whereas the flashlight doesn`the need to be adjusted. I have, “bore lasers” for most of my weapons, and I use a vice for a steady rest, the adjust the mounted laser to the bore laser.

  3. avatar TCBA_Joe says:

    Now if they’d release their perfectly legal to own IR laser grips to the civilian market.

    .7mw is perfectly legal to own, and there’s a good market for them.

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