Coming 2012: Concealed Carriers

Our buddy Nick Leghorn has only one weakness that we’ve been able to find. And that’s his ability to find and photograph booth babes. It’s something we’re trying to overlook. For now. Fortunately, he excels at sniffing out cool new firearms-related material. We first heard of the upcoming real deal Navy SEAL movie, Act of Valor due to his investigative skills and now he’s come up with this documentary. Full trailer above, and the movie’s Facebook page is here.


  1. avatar ST says:

    Were I to ever be placed in charge of a University ,one condition of employment for all teaching faculty would be professional training of the sort shown above. The best first responder is the target of the attack in question.

  2. avatar Graybeard says:

    Not to disparage Nick’s sniffer, but he was *way* behind the curve in the “Act of Valor” boat. Like over the transom.

    If memory serves (caveat emptor) I learned of the movie 1st on the Blackfive blog, then it appeared on “This Ain’t Hell”.

    Weeks later Nick learned of it.

    Again – not to disparage Nick. I think the more folks who see the movie, the better.

  3. avatar Big J says:

    What shooting school was that? Is it a place that non-LEO’s can go for force on force (I assume) simunition training?

    1. avatar imrambi says:

      That is Sig Sauer Academy: It is a good place and offer many classes in various forms. Yes they offer many classes for non-LE folks. The LE only classes are clearly specified on the website.

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