Magpul Shelves 60-Rounder, Offers Magazine Clamp

The SHOT Show is over, but TTAG’s Truth Squad still has some catching-up to do. In this case we bring news that Magpul as much as confirmed to Nick and myself that their quad-stack 60-round AR magazine is on hold, possibly permanently. Not to worry; you’ll soon be able to use the new Magpul Magazine Clamp to connect two P-Mags and make your own quad-stack 60-rounder. Well kinda . . .

Nick isn’t nuts about mag clamps, but I use Magpul magazines exclusively. I’d love to grab a couple of these clamps for myself. Metal clamps don’t fit the P-Mag profile, and can crush them. Alas, Nick and I were too late to grab a T&E sample, but we’re working on it.

Available later this spring, price TBA.


  1. avatar John says:

    Excellent. Will this work with a Mossberg MVP?

  2. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    I’m thinking no. But we know the Surefire does…

  3. avatar Pale Horse says:

    $17.95 I believe.

  4. avatar Matt Gregg says:

    That’s too bad but my Surefire 60 is still running great. I was hoping magpul would offer a cheaper alternative.

  5. avatar dave says:

    Heh. Magpul FAILS once again. So they wanna sell a pice of cheap plastic for the same price that I can get a good mag for? LMAO! What a crappy company!

    I have zero plastic Magpul parts on my AR and I’m proud of it!

    1. avatar SouthernMutt says:

      Kind of a bold statement coming from an individual who doesn’t use Magpul equipment nor has any idea the quality of said item (neither do I). Also, why the hatred of POLYMER?

  6. avatar Accur81 says:

    That’s a disappointing product compared to a good quad – stack
    mag. I doubt anyone at Magpul thinks they knocked it out of the
    park with this one. The Pmags are awesome, though!

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