New from Leatherwood: CMR-4 1-4x24mm riflescope

With their new 1-4×24 tactical scope, Leatherwood is taking aim at heavyweights Leupold, Burris, and even Swarovski. It’s got a suggested list of $599 (street price is always much less) and we’re trying to get one for Foghorn’s 3-Gun AR. (He calls it his Pretty Princess; isn’t that cute?)


  1. avatar Danny McBee says:

    Is that the new generation CMR? They’ve had a CMR out for a while now; it’s street price is around $300-$350 if you shop around.

    1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

      You’re correct. The new model, among other things, is calibrated in mils instead of MOA.

      1. avatar Matt Gregg says:

        What’s the advantage of going over to mils?

        And does anyone know what the reticle
        looks like?

        1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

          A very unusual inverted-U inside a large circle. It’s hard to describe, but we’ll break it down when we get one for T&E.

  2. avatar sdog says:

    any one have experience with putting one of these on a side mount for an ak?

    1. avatar fmunk says:

      Not side mount, but on a TWS Dogleg railed cover. Works fine. Makes an already heavy arsenal heavier, but the optics are nice and clear. Very nice reticle too.

  3. avatar Kirk says:

    Nary a word about Laxco’s first-of-it’s-kind electronic scope? Ugly and unready, as newborns are, yes. But a game changer.

    And the future of scopes.

  4. avatar Ben Eli says:

    That thing looks huge for just being a 1-4×24 scope. But hey, I like a scope with a little bit of meat.

  5. avatar Powers says:

    I don’t see foghorn using that unless he has engagements past 200m. He’s refined his setup over time. We’ll see what happens, he’ll be closer to Larue in the near future, maybe they’ll talk him into trying other optics.

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