New from HyScore: “Bench Beast” Competition Rifle Rest

Rifle rest? Equipped with scissor jacks, adjustment gears and a friggin’ joystick, I’d call this thing a crew-served weapon turret. The HyScore Bench Beast’s front and rear rests are detachable. The rifle only ‘floats’ atop the pads; most competition will allow the Beast. [H/T to reader Mike for the heads-up about competition rules.] The Bench Beast will be coming to a shooting range (or prairie dog town) near you starting in June. Price TBA.


  1. avatar Mike says:

    It’s not legal in “most” competitions because the front and rear are connected, which is not allowed in F-Class or under any set of benchrest rules that I know of.However, it looks like it’d be useful if you sighted in lots of customers’ scopes or developed custom ammo for a living.Also, the joystick looks like it’s “inspired” by numerous joystick rests, such as the SEB and SEB Neo, the Farley, the Shadetree Engineering, or (at the bottom of the barrel) the Caldwell Fire Control. Having used a traditional windage adjustable front rest and upgraded to a Shadetree, it’s the only way to go.

    1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

      They thought of that too, and the front and rear rests are detachable. I’ll amend the text to add that important tidbit. Thanks!

  2. avatar huck says:

    Chris, I think it’s spelled HySkore (with a k).
    Delete this post either way.

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