New from Berry’s Manufacturing: the Bench-Topper

Reloading presses can be a major PITA to mount.  If you’re tired of clamping yours to a Craigslisted aquarium table (or to a Rube Goldberg-esque stack of 2x4s and carriage bolts like mine is) Berry’s Manufacturing might have a solution. Known for their plated pistol bullets, Berry’s Manufacturing calls this their ‘Bench-Topper’ mounting platform. It looks solidly built of powder-coated aluminum, and it puts the press handle and turret at a comfortable height for those long reloading sessions.

MSRP: $125


  1. avatar Adam D says:

    Ok, that does look like a nice height. I’m happy with my homemade bench and did it that way to save money, but that does look like it would be stable and more comfortable for extended reloading.

  2. avatar mike says:

    The bullet try should be higher.

  3. avatar RobPatton says:

    Whos media separator is it behind it? Looks interesting.

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