New from Arsenal/K-Var: Zastava M70 .458 Winchester Magnum

If you’ve got six bills and high recoil tolerance, the new .458 Winchester Magnum Zastava M70 can be yours. Its Mauser-based action has a relieved extractor claw to allow single loading of cartridges into the chamber, and its Turkish walnut Monte Carlo stock is a jaw-dropper. Yours for a suggested $600, with your choice of single or double-set triggers.


  1. avatar O.N. says:

    Cheers to Zastava for making an economy big-game rifle. North America’s bear population better watch out.

  2. avatar Danny McBee says:

    Wow. If I lived near Alaska or heck maybe Colorado I’d consider that as a bear gun.

  3. avatar Wade says:

    Is the guy in the picture on the small side, or is the rifle as big as it looks?

    1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

      He’s not a big fellow, but I used a super wide-angle lens which makes the gun look bigger because it’s a little closer.

  4. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

    Pretty nice wood for $600.

  5. avatar Dan says:

    Aaaaaa so much CA and sensor noise…. my eyes my eyes aaaaaaaaa

    Please, get a decent camera…

  6. avatar roberto martinez says:

    that thing also has a warning on it. read manual before use. it was stamped at the
    factory at the request of the assholes , lawyers that imported these rifles. try
    century arms. their rifles have no such stamp. dont buy those things from those

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