Navy SEALs Rescue Hostages, Snuff Somali Kidnappers

Nick and I felt privileged to be invited to the special advance screening of Act of Valor, one week ago today. The Navy SEALs in the film weren’t portrayed by drug-addled Hollywood action heroes. They were real-life, active duty Navy SEALs. This morning the world learned, again, what makes these guys worth every dime we pay them and more . . .

In an apparently flawless mission that could have been lifted straight from the film, the SEALs infiltrated a Somali pirate compound and rescued two kidnapped aid workers: American Jessica Buchanan and Dane Poul Thisted. The pair were kidnapped last October while working to de-mine northern Somalia, and the team was ordered into action when one of the hostage’s health deteriorated.

Operational details are just beginning to emerge, but reports say that the SEALs HALO jumped into an LZ near the compound under cover of darkness. They took fire from the kidnappers during the mission and killed nine Tangos. After rescuing the hostages and capturing several more kidnappers, the SEALs were ex-filtrated by helicopter.

Do I have to say that we really like to see this kind of outcome? TTAG has been calling for a more forceful response to Somali piracy and terrorism for a long time now.

Thank you, SEALs. Again.


  1. avatar Javier says:

    A big HOOOOOOOORRRRAAAAAHHHHHH to the seals. Thank you for your service.

    We need more like them.

  2. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

    Dead tangoes? Check. Live hostages? Check. Well done, boys. If I ever meet any of you, the beer is on me.

  3. avatar Mr. Lion says:

    We could pay them seven figures a year and they’d still be punching above their pay grade.

  4. avatar RightYouAreKen says:

    Fan f’ing tastic. Bravo SEALs. You do us proud.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    They killed nine Tangos and a couple of adagio dancers who were just passing through.

    1. avatar Maslab says:

      What you did there.

      I see it.

  6. avatar Silver says:

    Great to hear!

  7. avatar Accur81 says:

    They’re the best – maybe that should send the memo to the NYPD officer(s) who thought the SEAL was crazy…

  8. avatar O.N. says:

    America selectively deals with piracy. Somali with AK? Dead meat. Israeli pilots that killed American sailors? Nah they were just playin.

  9. avatar O.N. says:

    Somali pirates? Dead meat. Enemy aircraft attack the USS Liberty? No problem.

  10. avatar O.N. says:

    Hey when will the Seals get the bastards who attacked the U.S.S. Liberty?

  11. avatar Sam says:

    This is how we should deal with terrorism, not invading entire countries and occupying for decades.

    I can’t imagine the skill required to operate at that level

  12. avatar Tom says:

    I think the hostages should have never been in Somalia in the first place.

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