Magpul Slammed by American Lung Association. Or Not.

When Nick and I saw the swag box at the Magpul booth yesterday, I knew they couldn’t really be cigarettes. After all, who would want to ‘Take A Dragful Of Magpul’ in this anti-smoking age? Then I thought they were boxes of promotional Magpul crayons, just perfect for my daughter who loves Kalashnikitty, right?

Wrong. They’re way cooler than crayons: they’re Magpul’s 5.56 NATO dummy rounds!

Unlike smokes or crayons, they’re packed just twelve to the box. While some journos had grabbed a whole bag full, I restrained myself to just two boxes. I didn’t even get enough to load up a mag full of Magpul swag. I know, you’re thinking ‘waah…’ (and probably ‘enough with the bad puns already’…) since dummy rounds are usually used one or two at a time for malfunction drills. And they usually cost a buck each, plus shipping and handling.

One of these boxes I’m keeping; the other will be the prize for some yet-to-be-announced TTAG caption contest. 



  1. avatar Javier says:

    Cool idea.

  2. avatar Slab Rankle says:

    This will look good next to the zombie ammo and other stuff on my shelf. I never thought I would like kitsch the way my parents did, but you can’t fight genetics.

    BTW, there’s no need to wait for the contest. They’re for sale now.

  3. avatar dave_toyota says:

    As the biggest Magpul-Fanboy out there, I’ll do all manner of freaky/awkward things to aquire this swag. Even just the box with Drake’s beautiful mug on it.

  4. avatar Rob in Cali says:

    How did I miss these yesterday?!?!? I am kicking myself for not getting a box of them!

  5. avatar RandomHero says:

    where can i buy these?

  6. avatar bp says:

    I bought a box of those over a year ago now. They have been forsale on magpul’s site for a while now.

  7. avatar Scotta says:

    5.56 crayons would be pretty cool. It’d be hilarious to see the stick in the butt crowd go crazy about them.

  8. avatar Loyd says:

    Just bought a box of these, arrived on my door step today.

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