Wisconsin Hits on Economic Stimulus Gold Mine

It’s looking more and more like the legalization of concealed carry in Wisconsin on  November 1 wasn’t just a good thing for personal defense. And second amendment rights.  It was also a boon to the local economy. The added traffic and sales at a recent gun show in Green Bay revealed just how much pent […]

Quote of the Day: Life Among the Barbarians Edition

“Under Mayor Bloomberg, New York’s nothing like the Bible Belt, of course — it’s much less civilized and much more repressive.. And just like black people visiting the South in the 1930s, gun owners today need to realize that irrational prejudice and legal persecution are a risk when visiting these benighted places. This is why […]

Xbox Live Institutes Online Gun Control

Not being a gamer, I wasn’t aware that there are online stores where you can buy – with real dinero – equipment to trick out your avatar to personalize them. And guns have been just one of who-knows-how-many options in Microsoft’s Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace to customize the virtual you. But that won’t be the […]

The ATF Contributes to the Culture

Who says our friends at the ATF aren’t good for anything, huh? In addition to arming drug runners and lying about it, they’ve now added to the American lexicon. According to US News via Yahoo Finance, everyone’s favorite rogue government agency has contributed the term “gunwalking” to the vocabulary. Sure, gunwalking may not be as […]