BAE Systems OASYS Smears Medal of Honor Winner

In the savviest public relations move since LeBron James announced that he’d be taking his talents to South Beach, BAE Systems OASYS has besmirched Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient, after the Marine quit his gig promoting their products. Meyer resigned the job with OASYS after finding that the company pursued sales of its weapons […]

The USPS Thinks You’re Going to Go Postal

It can’t be good when your organization is the inspiration for a widely-used term describing mass shootings. You can see why the USPS might be a tad sensitive about something like that. Of course, all of those shootings were carried out by Postal Service employees who flipped out. You could almost understand a customer snapping […]

Annals of Open Carry: Death Wish Edition

What are the odds that someone could walk into a Chicago police station holding a loaded AR, declare martial law and not be either repeatedly ventilated, billy-clubbed to a bloody pulp or even charged with a crime? Hold on. Hmm. Seems the Cray supercomputer in my basement can’t derive a number that astronomically high…

Portland Cop Indicted In Mistaken Live Ammo Shooting

Dane Reister, the Portland cop who accidentally shot a fleeing suspect with live ammo instead of beanbags last June, has been indicted by a grand jury. It’s the first time a Portland police officer’s been indicted for use of force in the line of duty. The initial reports, as so frequently happens in questionable police […]

Gear Review: 1791 Apparel Shirts

Showing up in our mail box not too long ago were a couple of items from 1791 Apparel, a recent addition to the burgeoning tactical t-shirt biz. Their firearm focused designs range from the honorific (John Moses Browning’s likeness) to the clever (M1 Garand sound) to the, um, incendiary (flaming bomb). While some may not […]