Ask Foghorn: Optics for Handguns

TTACer asks: I am trying to get some optics to use for a variety of heaters. I like the idea of quick detach mounts so I can spend more on nicer but fewer pieces glass or just switch between a long range scope and a red dot. I am confused about the manufacturer’s product lines […]

Gun Review: Franklin Armory (NFA Defying) XO-26b

A few weeks ago I ran a story about Franklin Armory’s new contraption. Thanks to some legal footwork this thing isn’t technically a rifle, isn’t technically a pistol, and isn’t covered under the NFA. It’s legally considered a “firearm,” and looks like the most awkward thing in the world to fire. Naturally, I had to […]

FBI: More Cops Killed in 2010, 98% By Firearms

Earlier this morning the FBI released their 2010 report on police officers who were attacked or killed “in the line of duty.” According to their statistics, 56 officers were killed (8 more than 2009) in line-of-duty (LOD) deaths, and 98% were killed using firearms. Considering that there are currently about 683,000 active police officers in the country that’s […]

Wisconsin Publishes CCW Reciprocity – 25 States

Wisconsin, the latest arrival to the concealed carry party, published the list of states whose concealed carry permits they will recognize in their state recently. Residents from the listed states will be able to travel about Wisconsin strapped as they see fit (within the boundaries of Wisconsin state law, of course) without any additional paperwork. As far […]