UK Judge: Guns Are Dangerous!

As this is a firearms website, I can’t say very much about the Boston City Council’s recent “knife control hearing” or the Enfield [UK] Independent’s “Don’t Carry Don’t Kill” anti-knife editorial campaign. Suffice it say, the only thing that makes less sense than gun control is knife control. That’s not how the British Justice System (such as it is) views the matter. “Judge Fraser Morrison, who oversaw all 37 cases [of firearms possession, including modified starter’s pistols], said on Friday at the sentencing of the final two defendants: ‘For the record, being involved in the movement of guns is very serious indeed. The reason why it is viewed so seriously is the items can dispatch lethal force. There is a lot of violence in this country with guns when people suffer very severe consequences.’” Especially if they’re unarmed. Or if they’re carrying BB guns . . .

The head of Essex Police, Chief Constable Jim Barker-McCardle, revealed the latest figures which show incidents up by a third.

Between April and June this year there were 48 crimes involving guns, more than in any three-month period in recent history and up from 32 during the same period last year.

33 of these involved air or ball bearing guns. There were ten handgun incidents and five involving a shotgun.

And no word from the on whether anyone in any of these “incidents” involved in a criminal activity—other than possession without a license. (Yes, air and BB guns must be licensed, including a background check, home visits, etc.) What are the odds?


  1. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    I guess that those strict gun laws in the UK don’t seem to be working. I don’t understand how people are getting their hands on guns, because it’s aganist the rules.

    1. avatar Xenokilla says:

      Exactly! making something illegal always means people will stop using whatever you make illegal. Just look at drug use.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    UK judges have f^cked up more lives than guns ever have or will.

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