Met Police Urges UK Public to Drop the Dime on Pirates

Sky News [UK] had a little chin wag with Police Detective Chief Inspector Theresa Breen works for the Serious and Organised Crime Command. Monty Python alert! How long before she’s transferred to the Humourous and Disorganized Crime Command? ‘Cause anyone who considers a flintlock pistol a suitable weapon for an armed robbery and/or intimidation is havin’ a laff, mate. (If I’m not mistaken, that’s a flare gun nearby. At least the vic will know when the hostilities are about to commence.) Needless to say, UK gun grabbers live in a firearms-ignorant, irony-free zone. But don’t tell Rupert Murdoch’s minions. They’re busy tooting their own horn for passing along viewer info that led to this dangerous weapons cache. Could it get any worse? You bet your Nellie! Over to you DCI Breen . . .

Many members of the public read about a supposedly widespread availability of firearms and this causes a disproportionate fear of gun crime.

Condescend much? Not only is the gun violence problem smaller than you think, you’re an idiot for thinking it. Or, apparently, a pirate. Skipping ahead . . .

Guns ultimately have one purpose: to cause death or serious injury. In criminal hands [ED: not ours, of course] they give power to individuals to use or threaten violence, to control through fear and ultimately destabilise communities.

The overwhelming majority of Londoners are intolerant of firearms and welcome the significant prison sentences that courts are delivering to those who illegally possess or use them.

Not only is the gun violence problem smaller than you think (and you’re an idiot for thinking it) but if you “tolerate” firearms ownership you’re a member of a tiny, misguided minority destined for a long stretch in the gaol.

Looks like the recent riots has done nothing to convince Little Englanders that they should take responsibility for their own safety and security. As we wait for The Land of Hope and Glory to rediscover its gun rights roots, here’s a quick pic for those of you who want to see the unsmiling face of the British Nanny State:


  1. avatar Redfish says:

    Every English person I’ve met overseas has come off as a pompous ass. Let the fools defend themselves with baseball bats and sewing needles (and be prosecuted for it while the criminals get lighter sentences). I have as much desire to go to the UK as I do shitty-ass Mexico.

  2. avatar Don Curton says:

    Cause anyone who considers a flintlock pistol a dangerous weapon is having a laff, mate.

    Kinda hard to “laff” with a .50 calibre ball in your gut, mate! We occasionally justify a derringer with “any gun is better than no gun” logic. I’m guessing that when the SHTF and all I got is a handful of nuthin’ and a big ole single shot pirate pistol, I’m going for the pirate pistol.

    Of course that’s as a last ditch defense weapon, I’d certainly think twice before starting an offence with one.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Fair comment (as always) Don. Text amended.

  3. avatar mike0101 says:

    I work with a fellow from Ireland and his attitude is the the same as the people described in your editorial., Guns of any kind under any condition are evil. Unless you shooting a British soldier in Belfast.

  4. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    Yes, flintlocks can kill, and they occasionally even fire, in the direction they’re aimed, within a half-second of their trigger being pulled. Even during the military ascendency of the flintlock, more wartime casualties were inficted by their plug or socket bayonets than by their bullets.

    These 18th-century relics are all but useless as imlplements of crime, and cannot be considered a threat to public safety or civil society. For English police to focus public hysteria on them as such only calls their competence into question.

  5. avatar Silver says:

    Well, of course they have an ingrained fear of gun rights; look what widespread gun ownership in the hands of courageous, principled civilians did to them over here.

    But really, if it’s true that “The overwhelming majority of Londoners are intolerant of firearms and welcome the significant prison sentences that courts are delivering to those who illegally possess or use them,” then they deserve every riot they get, every murder that goes unchallenged, and every corrupt government that keeps them dependent slaves. I won’t shed a tear.

  6. avatar Vinny says:

    Found it. This is even better when you see the broadcast:

  7. avatar Mogg says:

    I swear, I thought this was produced by the onion.
    Flare guns ? Really ?

  8. avatar DAVE says:

    The Brits–like most big city liberals here in the U.S.–deserve to be robbed and molested into reality. And freedom lovers in those locations who are attacked by liberal-enabled thugs, need to sue the police and politicians responsible for the lack of security. People, arm yourselves anyway.

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