New Yorker to Impose Strict Cartoon Gun Control. Or not.

After reading Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature, which claims we’re living in the least violent period in human history, New Yorker cartoon editor Robert Mankoff decided he needed more empirical evidence. How better to gauge violence through the sweep of human history than through the pages of Eustace Tilley’s favorite periodical with […]

Duuude, Where’s My 4473?

The feds have never liked the fact that several states – sixteen plus DC and counting – have legalized marijuana use for medical purposes. All that locally legal glaucoma mitigation has been a burr under the DOJ’s saddle for long time and the chronic is still a schedule I controlled substance under federal law. Now, […]

Military Times’ GearScout Details Serpa Holster Issues

As TTAG reported earlier, the Marines have bought 27,000 Serpa holsters to replace the old M-12 nylon models. Reviews have been mixed…in the same way they were for Heaven’s Gate. There’s no shortage of YouTube footage featuring Serpa-related issues, but now GearScout’s gear wiz, Rob Curtis, a Serpa skeptic, has produced his own footage detailing […]