Beretta M9 vs. Chiappa M9 22

You buy! You buy! Save plenty money. Why buy big bullet? Save money! Buy gun! You buy gun now!


  1. avatar Travis Leibold says:

    Haha! Will this gun “love you long time” as well?

  2. avatar ScottA says:

    GSG 1911-22. Same cheap ammo in a prettier gun*. Not to mention apparently everyone who has one loves it.

    I’m very partial to 1911’s

    1. avatar 2Wheeled says:

      Love my GSG-1911, I just need more mags…

      Why does every .22 only come with ONE mag???

      1. avatar Scott.a says:

        Why does every .22 only come with ONE mag???

        It’s a conspiracy!

        I just bought a GSG 1911 that I’m picking up tomorrow. It’s my first real* gun and figured it’d be nice to get something I can put 500 rounds downrange without it costing an arm and a leg.

        *non air rifles

      2. avatar Axess Denyd says:

        Beretta Neos comes with two mags. Or it did when I bought one a few years ago.

  3. avatar sdog says:

    ruger 22/45 comes with 2 mags

  4. avatar Cj Phillips says:

    This thing is probably junk, if the chiappa 1911 is any indicator to chiappa’s quality control. I had 2 GSG 1911’s, and both had the slide split open on the left of the rear dovetail under 600 rounds. Got my money back after the second one split. Next time I’m getting a Ruger.

  5. avatar Hillbilly says:

    Bought one today. Very pretty. Too bad it doesn’t work. Fails to feed, fails to eject, hammer follows slide down, slide doesn’t lock back after last round, assembly instructions in manual wrong. Real junk. Will try different ammo, delude myself it just needs to “beak in” and then get rid of it.

    1. avatar LJ says:

      JUNK. I bought one February 22. JUNK. Sent it in the following Tuesday for repairs.(failure to feed, JUNK failure to extract, JUNK sticking action, JUNK last round slide lock not working, JUNK when the last round lock open did work, there was still a round in the mag.) JUNK. Recieved it back march 14th. JUNK (starting to get a theme here??) JUNK. Sent in again for all the same problems April 11th. JUNK. I’ll bet that poor woman’s ear was bleeding by the time i got off the phone with her. JUNK. They offer the possibility of sending a SAA 1873 22 instead, I’m hoping they do and I’m hoping it works a hell of alot better than the JUNK M9-22. JUNK.

      1. avatar Spurdo Spyrdestein says:

        Come one, tell us how you honestly feel.

    2. avatar Barry Brand says:

      I know this is an old post, but this weapon M9-22 requires a HV 22 cal. with a muzzle velocity of 1100 FPS. minimum. The first time I tried mine I used a standard velocity 22 (1060 FPS) and it would not auto load properly (sounds like the same problem you had). A fellow shooter gave me some HV .22 to try (1300 FPS). It fired perfectly without a miss. I guess if the instructions say use a HV bullet with a minimum velocity of 1100 FPS you should do as it says. Good gun with the proper ammo used. Very accurate at 25 yards.

  6. avatar Dr. Dave Palmer says:

    Geez. I guess my experience was better than most. My M-9 worked just great !! Smooth trigger and excellent consistency in impact point. Sweet to the max. There’s a “but.” But, when I was swapping grips, a small wire spring dropped out and now the trigger is DOA. So, the little guy is on its way back to Daddy Chiappa, with a prepaid mailing label. We’ll see how it goes. As I’m waiting, I just bought a SECOND one, from Bud’s, for about $158, delivered. Yup. It’s a disease.

  7. avatar James says:

    Straight junk, bought one of these and have had problems with it ever since, I’ve about had it with this m9-22 that Chiappa makes. I’ve had it sent in twice for repairs and it’s going back for repairs for the third time in 2 months of sending and receiving it.

  8. How Much does it weights empty and how Much Is the trigger pull?Thanx very Much for your reply

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