ATF to FFLs: How to Protect Firearms During Hurricane Irene


OMG does this guy prattle on. By 3:28 we learn to . . . be prepared. By 3:42 the hurricane’s already arrived. By 4:04, the ATF’s main man gets around to advising Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) to “start with the worst case scenario.” And finally . . . “Always use extreme caution around high water of any kind.” And think about the loss of income. But one thing’s for sure: your gun dealer will never get those 5:45 back. The associated pdf is no better, treating FFLs like idiots. “Secure your inventory by utilizing safes, cable locks and other measures that can deter burglaries and looting.” Not to mention standing over it with a loaded shotgun or AR. That’s my advice, not Uncle Sam’s. In case you were wondering . . .


  1. avatar Nemesis says:

    How to Protect Firearms During Hurricane Irene: 1. Make sure Eddie Compass or Ray Nagin didn’t get a job in your city. 2. See step one. To whit:

  2. avatar Sean says:

    Start with putting any guns not on your person into your gun safe/s.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    Hi, I’m from the ATF and I’m here to help.


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