This Is A Job For…Disarmament Man!

Click on the cartoon to embiggen it.



  1. avatar Tim Tritt says:

    Context? Paper? Location? Anything?

  2. avatar Slick Nick says:

    I hope Disarmament Man meets 12 Gauge Projectile Slug in the next comic. Damn good drawing skills though, it baffles me how people can draw shit like that.

  3. avatar Silver says:

    I’d rather have it than Doonesbury.

  4. avatar Jusuchin (Military Otaku) says:

    Huh, there seems to be something weird. I originally posted my comment after enlarging the comic. And now I can only see it when I do that and not in downsized form.

    Odd or ?

    Edit: Also, same deal with Coyote Gray’s and Bob’s responses. I believe we clicked to enlarge it and then posted it while the thing was enlarged. Maybe it got split to its own separate thread? Not sure.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      It does. I’ll sort it out when Brad wakes up. Sorry about that.

    2. avatar Bob H says:

      And, if you click on the enlarged pic you can start a whole new, hidden, sooper sekret thread. I have never gone beyond that but I wouldn’t be suprised to find lost comments scattered at least three pics deep.

      1. Shhhhhhhh! You’ve inadvertently uncovered the TTAG double secret comment forum. It’s reserved only for the koolest of the kool kids. Ix-nay on the abbing-blay.

  5. avatar Walrusleather says:

    aside from the dark side of that comic.

    in this area of Florida in the last week, we have had 4 cases of crimes stopped by the use of a gun, one was the criminals gun turned against him at a ATM robbery, the other 3 were by law abiding Concealed weapons permitted citizens. 2 of the CWP stops were against illegally armed criminals.

    out of my cold dead hands Disarmament man. out of my cold dead hands.

    Signed Lawful Citizenman.

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