War is Hell. So is cooking, apparently.

So clearing out a massive amount of email in the ol’ inbox, accumulated as I’ve been dealing with some family issues, I came across today’s Shirt Woot! from the fine folks at Woot!. Sadly, by the time I got to this one, “Kitchen Detail,” it was already sold out. But this looks to me to be the perfect design for either your spouse, or whoever handles the cooking in your house. For all you metrosexuals in the audience, I’ll bet you can identify the profiles of every one of the tools in silhouette. I got some of them, but it took my thirteen-year-old daughter to point out that the trigger assembly is courtesy of one of those gas-powered “matches” that you can use to start a grill. (Shoulda got that one. Ask me about my chili recipe.) I guess the design is kind of McGuyver meets the Iron Chef. Or something.


  1. avatar nemisis1400 says:

    shirts going up again tomorrow i think, read it in the comments

  2. avatar karlb. says:

    Cool shirt. So, I am a “metrosexual” because I can identify a garlic press?

    1. avatar Dave says:

      Yeah, what’s up with the metro crack? A man should be capable in the kitchen, rather than being dependent on McDonalds and the microwave. Matter of fact, my cooking skills helped me win my wife.

      Not sure what the carry handle is though. Kinda looks like a punch of some sort.

      1. avatar Bob H says:

        Dave, Hint: look at the comment from karlb for the answer

        1. avatar irock350 says:

          Is it a garlic press or a nut cracker? Both have similar profiles.

        2. avatar Gossven says:

          Some juicers also look like that.

        3. avatar Dave says:

          Ah, I see; it seems a bit overly-specific of a tool though. My garlic press is right below it, the flat of the blade of the standard chef’s knife.

  3. avatar David Brown says:

    Speaking food I found this very interesting, MRE’s from around the world.


  4. avatar Tony says:

    I prefer to mince my garlic rather than run it through the garlic press and I have a french rolling pin. I’m a knuckle dragger from way back but I’m also a darn fine cook. So watch that “metro” stuff.

  5. avatar Jake F. says:

    That’s great, and yes I can tell all those things. Fork, rolling pin, press, chef’s knife, cleaver, paring knife, cheese greater, salt shaker, pepper mill, lighter, measuring spoon, peeler, and funnel. I think that’s all. Not very metro myself though my team did come is sixth in the state high school cooking contest we attended. Probably would have been better if I didn’t start that fire even though it went out almost immediately; I had the pan a bit too hot for the cooking sherry so it was somewhat more volatile then I was expecting.

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