How to Deal with a Stop and Frisk

 As a cop working in a state where “bundling up” means wearing a thin sweater twice a year, detecting a concealed carry weapon is about as difficult as finding a Glock fan at an AR convention. Needless to say, I’ve been trained to stop and frisk actual and potential perps quickly, efficiently, legally and politely. […]

Journalistic Gun Cluelessness of the Day: Vinnie Iyer

OK, Vinnie Iyer is a sports writer. And the Sporting News is, well, a sports publication. But he’s still a journalist. And just because he writes about football doesn’t mean there’s less of a requirement that he get his facts right. In theory. If he were breaking the news that Tom Brady had tested positive […]

ATF Death Watch 67: The End of the Beginning

Imagine U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry on patrol, staring into the night sky. Imagine Terry sees the flashing lights of an airplane. What would have Terry thought if he’d known that the jet twinkling above him was filled with tons of cocaine, crossing the border with the full knowledge and consent of the United […]

Rick Perry Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Susana Martinez

Here in the Show Me State, we can qualify for a concealed carry permit with .22 revolvers and automatics. Susana Martinez would laugh at us, strike a match on the bottom of her boot and blow cigar smoke in our faces while laughing at us. With derision. According to her staff, the New Mexico Governor […]

“Conventional Wisdom.” As unreliable as “Common Sense” is rare.

Did you ever stop to think about why you think what you think? Seriously. Let’s stop a minute and consider one of those “meta” questions, like “why do we believe what we believe.” I started down this path today, after reading an article about Justice Clarence Thomas, and how he works within the Supreme Court. […]

War is Hell. So is cooking, apparently.

So clearing out a massive amount of email in the ol’ inbox, accumulated as I’ve been dealing with some family issues, I came across today’s Shirt Woot! from the fine folks at Woot!. Sadly, by the time I got to this one, “Kitchen Detail,” it was already sold out. But this looks to me to […]

Because They Think We’re Total Morons, Too

From the Pissing on My Leg and Telling Me it’s Raining department comes this little blurb from almost heaven, West Virginia. “Two Marshall County deputies were shot during an “unfortunate accident” involving their weapons late Monday at the home of one of the deputies. Both received gunshot wounds to their hands and one also sustained a […]

Ohio Paper Outs CCW-Holding Local Politicians

We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? A newspaper or wire service decides to stir the pot by publicly ID’ing concealed carry license holders. They can’t do much about the advance of gun rights, something anathema to the left-leaning editorial boards of ninety percent of the legacy media. So they go with the only weapon they have left. They figure, […]

Actual Gun Tats. The Next Big Thing?

I don’t get gun engraving. Sure, OK, why not? But then, why? Engraving a perfectly proportioned, well-made firearm (Bulldog, Bulldog, bow wow wow) would be like tattooing a world class beauty like Angelina Jolie. You know; before she wore a necklace dangling a vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s bood. Strike that, then. And hands-up. I […]