A C Grayling: Reserve Guns for “properly constituted, trained and controlled agencies of governments”

  Post-Norway spree-killing, independent.co.uk columnist A C Grayling [above] has a thing or two to say about gun control. As in, may I have some more please? “Guns should be the subject of worldwide outrage. Their manufacture and sale should be a human-rights abuse, on which we pour vilification and horror. They should be illegal for all […]

Birmingham’s ‘Gun Quarter’ Name Must Go

In another of a seemingly endless string of examples of cultural abdication in Blighty, The Ministry of Silly Walks Birmingham Councillor Tim Huxtable has decided that the name of the city’s historic firearms manufacturing sector, the Gun Quarter, must be changed. For 250 years, it’s been the birthplace of the muskets that fought Napoleon, fine […]

News Flash: Shooting Range Neighbors Hear Gunfire

Say it ain’t so. Please. Tell me that the neighbors of a shooting range in Williamsburg, MA aren’t complaining about the sound of gunfire. First it’s the MacArthur grant finalist who wanted to be shot in order to attract a girl. Now it’s people who live near a range that’s been there since the 1930s […]


As TTAG reported yesterday, rockers and convicted felons Tommy Lee and Bret Michaels are under investigation for messing around with guns at the Rowan County Police Officers Lodge range in North Carolina. The local police has called in the ATF—just in case the disgraced agency’s not too busy covering-up their own efforts to arm felons […]

In Defense of . . . IPSC, IDPA and OFWGs

A recent Truth About Guns QOTD questioned the value of the “practicool” shooting sports for self-defense oriented shooters. This was not the first time RF has mooted the idea that these games are unrealistic and encourage bad habits. In RF’s world, shooters looking to practice self-defense techniques have the range to themselves, perform whichever maneuvers […]

ATF Death Watch 45: Motive, Means, Motive

When the Gunwalker scandal first pinged TTAG’s radar, I was skeptical about the ATF’s motives for allowing smugglers to export thousands of guns to Mexican drug thugs. If enervating Congress for money and power was the goal, why not just lie about the number of American guns [allegedly] smuggled into Mexico? This they’d already done, […]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Five-Oh Edition

Brian Jensen reports on his trip to the Royal Hawaiian Shooting Club for gunsamerica.com. “There are some idiosyncrasies that may seem a little odd to you,” Brian writes. “Because the range is a rental setup, and because some of their customers have never shot before and may have only a rudimentary understanding of range safety, […]