TX Police Open Fire on Fleeing Burglars



  1. avatar Bat sh*t crazy says:

    2 shots, eh?

  2. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

    Seems like the hero was the janitor who kept the suspects from coming in and endangering the tenants of the assisted care facility. Good for him.

  3. avatar thebronze says:

    Too bad they weren’t transported to the morgue…

  4. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    You shouldn’t run from the cops, if they had been polite they wouldn’t have been shot.

    1. avatar AK says:

      Unless they were open carrying in Philadelphia.

      1. avatar Leo Atrox says:

        Hey, the Philadelphia PD won’t shoot you for open carry. They’ll just “inconvenience” (harass) you.

        1. avatar Ralph says:

          I think that being shot is very inconvenient.

  5. avatar Bob H says:

    I count either 5 or 6 bullet holes in the car

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