TN Home Invasion: “This was not unplanned”

“There’s new information about a deadly home invasion in Clarksville where four people broke in  and started shooting,” TN’s reports. “Sunday, investigators said Raul Arias Triana, 37, died in the shoot-out . . . Triana lived in the home on Bunker Hill with another man, woman an 11-year-old and 16-year-old.  When the gunmen busted into the home, the homeowner opened fire. Investigators believe Triana was shot by one of the intruders. ‘This was not unplanned,’ said Officer Jim Knoll, with the Clarksville Police Department. By that, Knoll meant that neighbors can rest assured the house was a target; that four, armed men are not randomly bursting into houses with robbery on their minds.” And yes, it really does say “Mugshots by Dana” in the bottom right corner of the map.


  1. avatar Blake says:

    Yeah, sure, because you know home invaders are certain to always get the correct address.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    This was not unplanned? What does “unplanned” mean? A couple of guys go out to pick up a large Domino’s pizza and one says to the other, “hey, Henry, screw the pizza, let’s go knock over a 7-11.” And Henry says, “nah, I’m tired of that, but there’s a real nice split level on the corner of Bunker Hill Street and Whites of Their Eyes Avenue that we should bust open.”


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