Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Trigger?


I’m always interested in trigger designs. And high school science projects. This little display combines the best of both worlds, showing mechanically-challenged shooters how Savage Arms’ AccurTrigger gits ‘er done (to use the technical term). An infinitely adjustable featherlight trigger pull AND complete drop safety? What’s not to like? Other than the weirdness of pulling one trigger (a.k.a. AccuRelease) and then another. As I do with my trusty Springfield. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have a play-date with an AccurTriggerized Savage before too long. Meanwhile what’s your favorite trigger? What do you like about it? And what’s the worst trigger you’ve every tried?


  1. avatar Ryan Finn says:

    Worst trigger ever would have to be the one on a norinco uzi I shot. Heavy, mushy and all around terrible. Best trigger is the one on my Marlin 336. No take up and a crisp clean break, it’s a thing of beauty.

  2. avatar John Fritz says:

    Best: Interarms Silver Cup 1911. Not much to look at. Parts gun. What a shooter.

    Worst: CZ75B. It’s like they do it on purpose. And I love my CZ too.

    1. avatar RecoveringAtheist says:

      You need to have that trigger warmed over…I have done mine on my CZ85 Combat and I ended up selling my S&W 952 because of it. True story 🙂

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    What’s my favorite trigger? The one touching my trigger finger when I really need the gun. What’s the worst trigger ever? Any Massachusetts trigger. They all blow equally.

  4. avatar Mike says:

    A word of warning, do not set the trigger at or below 1.5 lbs. on a Model 10 FCPK (my “benchrest’esk” gun). The “first stage” of the Accu Trigger can “jump the track”, so to speak, when cycling the bolt causing the safety to block the firing pin. You hear a click with no bang. Thus forcing you to re-cock the bolt for a second chance. And according to Savage CS, they ship them from the factory set at the lightest weight. At it’s lightest weight, it’s very sensitive, and could in very, very rare occasions, result in the gun firing out of battery. (Don’t ask me how I know this………)

    Best trigger, my P-220 after Bruce Gray of Gray Guns tuned it up and installed the short reset package. Breaks like the proverbial glass rod!

    Worst, my CZ P-01, I swear they ship them out with sand pre-installed in the trigger group. But they get better (after about a 1000 rounds).

  5. avatar Ike says:

    My favorite trigger is the 1911 SA trigger. My friend’s Jardine Custom Valtro probably has my favorite, at an extremely crisp ~3 lbs. A close second is the trigger on my Dan Wesson PM9, which is just as crisp but a bit heavier. I also like the SA trigger on the striker-fired HK P7.

    My least favorite trigger is probably the HK45. I generally dislike DA/SA triggers, but the HK45 I shot was especially gritty and mushy. It even had lateral movement.

  6. avatar Bob H says:

    Worst trigger? Those 10-12lb revolver triggers on the S&Ws and Rugers. The best trigger? The one that Roy Rogers rode.

  7. avatar RBM says:

    Frankly, my favorite trigger is Roy Rodgers horse.

  8. avatar Ralph says:

    And my favorite bullet was Roy Roger’s dog. And my favorite buttermilk was . . . .

  9. avatar Patrick Carrube says:

    Factory favorite or modified? For factory triggers, the Savage Accutrigger is awesome, but I have warmed up to the X-Mark Pro trigger that Remington has put together. For DA guns, it is S&W (non-J-frame guns) for revolvers and the SIG P-series for semi’s. Even a cheap 1911 has a half-way nice trigger, so those get a nod but Wilson has some of the nicest triggers out of the box. For an “affordable” 1911, my Springfield Tropy Match has a really nice trigger (although it needed to be detail-stripped and cleaned). Other Springfield models are good (my SA Loaded 5″), but the Trophy Match is the nicest so far (cough cough feel free to send me a new Range Officer or TRP to test!).

    For modified triggers, my XD/XDm pistols with Springer Custom trigger jobs are AMAZING for competition. I like the AR Gold Trigger for… well, AR’s, although Timney makes some nice triggers for black-rifles and others. My 586 with a full S&W action and trigger job is probably the smoothest SA trigger ever (semi or other), although I shot a Phyton that was pretty close.

  10. avatar NotAnnieOakley says:

    If the recent experiences of a middle-aged woman who’s a relative newcomer to the world of things that go bang is of any interest to TTAGers whatsoever, the best out-of-the-box triggers are, IMHO, the 1911 single-action Colt’s Rail Gun, STI’s “Duty One” [.40S&W] and Spartan [9mm], and the worst is the DAO Sig Sauer P250 compact. Les Baer’s AR “Police Special” has a really nice trigger action too.


    TTAG’s the bomb!

  11. avatar Condition1Kimber says:

    Best- My Remington 5R with the X Mark Pro trigger.

    Worst- My buddies old S&W Sigma .40

  12. avatar DarkRose says:

    Mosin 91/30 or my Sig P6 in DA…

    The Geisselle SSA-E in my long-range AR…

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