Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: JAyBnAZ and Friends


Know how to run your gun before you start showing off. In fact, you might want to forget that whole showing off thing entirely. Or do it right and call it journalism. [NB: an ND in this situation could take out a light aircraft and would travel an awfully long way.]


  1. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

    I’m speechless…

  2. avatar Mark says:

    “Shake and Bake”…Douche and Bag..

  3. avatar Buuurr says:

    I thought I left these guys in grade school…

  4. avatar Bob H says:

    I do have to admit the guy firing was amazing. How is he still standing after firing that .50BMG from the shoulder?

    1. avatar Fitz19d says:

      Most any decent .50 these days with a good brake is really not all that much more kick/recoil than a stout hunting rifle.

  5. avatar Jayson R says:

    Wish I had that kind of time/money to waste.

  6. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

    I have the time…maybe the money will come….

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    I think the rifle jammed because he limp-dicked it.

    It’s kinda like limp-wristing, but worse.

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