Saturday Evening Post: A different kind of shooting.


Photography and Firearms. We load. They load. We shoot. They shoot. We have calibers. They have focal lengths. We have sights. They have viewfinders. We have safaris. They have safaris. We have tripods and bipods. They have tripods and monopods. We have shotguns. They have shotgun mics. Are we so different than they?


  1. avatar ExurbanKevin says:

    Speaking as a pro photog in recovery, the two disciplines are very similar. There’s the painstaking and careful setup of the studio photographer, similar in methodology to a benchrest or High Power shooter. Wildlife photogs and sideline sports shooters have their long glass to catch the perfect shot at long range much like a hunter or sniper would. There’s the loose, make-it-up-as-it-happens style of the photojournalist, just like an IPSC or USPSA shooter, and then there’s the vast majority of people who own a camera / gun and just want to shoot a little better with it.

  2. avatar Mickey3Gun says:

    As an old “photog” and a shooter, I frick’n love this video!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed out loud to the point of being reduced to that gasping “hic” sound one makes when you run out of air. Great production!

  3. avatar John Fritz says:

    Was that… film… I saw? Nice.

    Made me wince thinking about the Pelican Case full of Canon boat anchors I have in my office closet.

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