TTAG Witnesses the Death of some “People Carriers”

Lucky Gunner aimed to not disappoint when they promised the destruction of several vehicles via heavy artillery. While the aim of the re-enactment operators of the Sherman Tank could have been a little more spot on, they still got the job done; with a little help from some guys whistling Dixie. The end result: total […]

Why We Need the Second Amendment: UK Edition

[ In a previous post, I linked Mexican gun control to the country’s descent into lawlessness. More than a few members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia considered my post both simplistic and misleading. Correlation does not equal causation. Gun control is merely one factor amongst many in Mexico’s misery. It is not the factor. I disagree. But […]

Gun Review: MilKor M32 MGL Shoulder-Fired Grenade Launcher

When you absolutely positively have to blow something up, accept no substitutes. Opt for a shoulder-fired grenade launcher. South Africa’s MilKor produces a fine example of the breed: the M32 semi-automatic shoulder-fired grenade launcher. At the risk of losing any claim of journalistic objectivity, the moment a MilKor company rep handed me a loaded M32 was […]

Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: cokeman2423

In other videos on his channel, cokeman2423 begins his firearms-related stupidity with a simple instruction: DON’T DO THIS . . . FAGGOT. The unnecessary epithet indicates the level of intellect in play. cokeman2423’s being ironically PC. He clearly doesn’t care that his “work” encourages impressionable gun owners to replicate or one-up his “experiments.” Gun safety […]

Cell Phone Gun on the Chain Gang

Like everybody else, I receive a lot of chain emails. Some of these emails are a cheap and decidedly ineffective replacement for a missing sense of humor. Some are designed to elicit an emotional response from cute puppy “awws” to scantily-clad women “wows.” Occasionally I also receive emails designed to foster fear and paranoia, from […]

And Another Tr0ll Bites the Dust.

Up until today, The Truth About Guns has only had to ban one tr0ll from our site. At the time, we really thought we’d be able to get through life without banning anyone, but the doggedly-dogmatic and infinitely infantile rantings of JadeGold made that impossible. So we’re a year-and-a-half into a site that’s growing by […]