TTAG Racks-Up 200k Unique Viewers Per Month

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  1. avatar Ben Shotzberger says:

    Keep on keepin’ on, Rob. This is excellent news! Way to go TTAG and RF!

  2. avatar Foghorn says:

    Honestly, I’d settle for the use of that Kel-Tec shotgun for a weekend…

    1. avatar Ben Shotzberger says:

      Working on it 😉

  3. avatar Gunmart says:

    Is that all? Bah! 🙂

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    It seems like just last month when TTAG crested 175K uniques. Now it’s 200K. Pretty soon, everone in the world will read TTAG, and even people on Mars. Oh, wait, we already have a Martian reader. Sorry, mikey.

  5. avatar Ryan Finn says:

    We’re so awesome. 😀

  6. avatar AquaGun says:

    You have quite a bit of catching up to do until you reach firearm blog or ENDO’s traffic. Decent accomplishment in a bit over a year though.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Decent of you to say so.

  7. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    I haven’t missed a day here since I met you on Dec 11. I always tell other shooters I meet at the range and the gun store to check out this cool site.

  8. avatar RuffRidr says:

    Glad to see the stats on this site skyrocket, while not-to-be-named anti-gun troll sites continue to dry up and rot on the vine.

  9. avatar Bob H says:

    It gives me the warm fuzzies to know that my uniqeness is helping to support this site.
    Juet remember I am unique! Just like everyone else.

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