NSSF Anti-Theft Advice: Store Your Guns in Pieces Around the House

Wow. There’s a whole lot of crazy in the gunblogosphere today. Normally, TTAG’s intellectually challenged material hails from the fringes; YouTube being a gold mine of firearms-related oddities and Darwin Award candidates. Today, the National Shooting Sports Federation hits the bull bullseye with one of its audio NSSF Insights with some advise on how to avoid gun theft. “One way to discourage robbers is to disassemble each piece and scatter the components around the house.” I know: this could easily be a “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” feature. I’d also like to point out that it’s generally a bad idea to tell a Jew to take anything to pieces. “Of course this system is not totally foolproof” the honey-toned gun guru opines. No, but this idea might appeal to them. Just sayin’ . .


  1. avatar Tim says:

    I have heard of field-stripping your gun to make it inoperable (and thereby safe for the little one’s hands) in the event you don’t have space in a safe or something, but this seems a bit excessive. If you are that concerned about theft of your gun, buy a safe for Christ’s sake (yes, I figured one good theological reference deserved another :-)).

  2. avatar Ryan Finn says:

    Great idea, I’m sure the BG’s will let you have a little extra time so you can locate all the parts and put your gun back together.

  3. avatar cheeseman says:

    This may be a little ridiculous for most of us who have a quality safe (or three), but it works for those who may be a little financially challenged (read: recent college graduate). I have a small safe for my handguns and I keep my AR bolt in there to render it inoperable, as well as piss off any BG who’d steal it.

  4. avatar Don Curton says:

    Years back there was a “friend of a friend who’s cousin’s brother’s best friend” type of story about a guy that built a house with guns hidden behind the sheetrock at certain locations. The thinking was that if the cops came looking, no guns anywhere. If a bad guy broke in, then the home owner could – Bruce Lee style – punch his fist through the sheetrock, create a hole big enough to withdraw the gun, pull the gun out of the protective plastic wrapper, then shoot the bad guy (who hopefully had the reflexes of a particularly slow turtle). My buddies thought this was genius. I was more like, uhh, how do you expect to outdraw a guy when you gotta punch a hole in sheetrock first.

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