“No good can come from guns in public”


  1. avatar Adam Litke says:

    At least for once the politician was not an idiot and said what every gun owner has said for years. Criminals are NOT stopped by laws, only law abiding citizens are.

  2. avatar TeeBee Jeebies says:

    “No good can come from guns in public”

    So, Chris Fitzsimons and the NC Policy Watch want to disarm the POLICE?

  3. avatar NCGlockin says:

    There are quite a few bills in progress including a Castle Doctrine bill that is scheduled to go into effect in December assuming that it passes. I am looking forward to the passage of all of these bills. I think the legislature finally has the right composition to get them through. There was a serious shake up in the balance of power this past fall, and now gun owners are seeing the benefit.

    One thing about the video is that there are many people out there who will never get it. They are content leaving their well being to some one else (the police).

    Also, the young lady at the beginning made a good point about going through the process of getting a permit only to have to go without your gun.

    The last thing I would like to point out is how the “I-team” mis represented the bill that is being considered. It is currently legal for me to carry my concealed weapon into McDonalds or any other restaurant that does not serve alcohol. The bill under consideration will permit me to carry into Applebee’s, TGI Friday, etc that serves alcohol. The current law prohibits people from carrying and drinking alcohol, which would not change under the new law. I hate when the media does this. They need to get all of their facts straight and present the whole story. This bill has been documented by other news stations as well, and they give the complete truth. See below for how a real news station reports.


    FYI – The state House passed HB 111 by a 74-42 vote on March 30. The bill is now on its way to the Senate.

    1. avatar Javier E says:

      HOORAAH! can NJ borrow some of your rep for a bit they seem to have common sence. And boy do WE need that polotics.

  4. avatar mikeb302000 says:

    There’s nothing to stop a criminal from carrying a THROWING STAR into a restaurant.


  5. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

    If I’m in the middle of a good, medium rare steak and some psycho interrupts me, well, I will temporarily lose my religion!

  6. avatar Ben Eli says:

    Silly liberals, always assume the guy in the next booth is armed. And remember, an armed society is a polite society.

  7. avatar gbeecher says:

    ‘No good can come from guns in public’ ?! Yeah, no kidding, especially if it’s a criminal that is holding the gun! People never cease to amaze me, at how foolish, and stupid they can be on so many issues. Criminals don’t obey gun laws. Laws are only a good thing if they can be properly enforced, uphold the rights of law abiding citizens, and offer a benefit to the majority of citizens. So many laws, so little common sense!

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