Jesse Abbate on Getting Minorities Into Shooting


  1. avatar michael says:

    Frankly, I (white male) got “into shooting” because minorities already were.

  2. avatar akpcorp says:

    im a minority and i never touched a weapon till i joined the army. my time in a friend of mine convinced me to go deer hunting with me and i was hooked. been filling my safe with c&r’s and ammo ever since. i feel cost is the major issue that would dictate involvement. but being in the army makes things easy tons of 5.56 and 7.62 to shoot. shooting for free is the shit.

  3. avatar Spencer says:

    Oh spare me, please leave the blatant racism and ego at the door, Michael (white male).

  4. avatar cman says:

    She is absolutely right! I’m black and had never shot until I joined the military. Since leaving the military I have had significant training most at moyock. Most minorities especially black people do not get exposed to proper shooting instruction and safety.That’s why you have these gangbanger assholes running around killing themselves and law abiding citizens. I’m all for concealed carry, these assholes will continue to commit crimes unless more and more law abiding citizens who just happen to be minorities get reliable firearms instruction to defend themselves.

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