What’s Wrong With This Picture: Cheaper Than Glock Edition

We’ve got our hands on the newest Glock inspired handgun to be developed… Any guesses what it is? We’ll have more details on it very soon. Here’s a hint in the form of a photo…


  1. avatar Caleb says:

    Other than that the shooter is using the old-school (and generally inefficient) “thumbs locked” grip on the pistol? Beyond that, it’s just a Glock 22 or 23 with a lone wolf slide and striker plate that’s been cut to allow mounting a reflex sight optic to the slide. That’s becoming especially common – the general trend in shooting is to put optics on everything, and it really makes sense as it increases the shootability of the gun while allowing the user to stay target focused.

    1. avatar Roadie says:

      Lone Wolf frame too, perhaps?

      Wait, is there a Compensator of some type on there too?

    2. Caleb beat me to it. Locked thumbs.

  2. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    I don’t like the logo stamped on the back or cheap guns.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    Is it a Glock or a crock?

  4. avatar Jeff O. says:

    No iron sights?

  5. avatar Rabbi says:

    I am having a S&W M&P customized by David Bowie (g’smith not rocker) with a red dot and extra tall sights (suppressor sights). Should be here in a month or so.

    Iron sights are essential as back up to the electronics.

    The issue with sights on a gun is that under stress your eyes tend to lock on the threat which negates the ability for aimed shooting. I am looking to experiment with the red dot which allows the shooter to look through the sight (not at it) and see the threat simultaneously.

    1. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

      I would like to see a review of your new S&W M&P with the red dot set up. I’m considering purchasing an M&P (I love S&W and Kimber and Colt) and I think your experiment may help us all.

  6. avatar Ryan Finn says:

    The Phoenix Coyotes are sponsoring a handgun? Man, the NHL must be desperate for advertising.

    But seriously, I think that the custom back plates on Glocks just makes them look cheezy. And what are you going to aim with when your batteries die?

    1. avatar james says:

      That’s hardly all the details. In fact, it’s basically just the picture above, another picture, and a link to some other site, which is where you got the picture that is not the one above, and also is not at all giving us “all the details”.

      What kind of crap is this? Either someone knows what’s up or doesn’t. Don’t post BS links and dick teases just to get clicks at your spammy blog.

      1. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

        I agree with James, because I just wasted several minutes checking out that link.

  7. avatar Bob H says:

    That logo looks like an eagle drawn by a 6 yr old,
    Or maybe a wolficorn…

  8. avatar Caleb says:

    It’s built from the ground up as a competition pistol by Lone Wolf with input from Patrick Kelly, a champion 3-gun shooter. The gun features a Lone Wolf “Timberwolf” frame, slide, and barrel, and obviously some kind of compensator. This is set up for 3-gun or USPSA Open Division.

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