Vanessa Hudgens .50 Caliber Rifle Gratuitous Google Search Terms Ode to Guns Another Hollywood Liberal Anyway?

Emma Bunton must be pretty pissed right now. Sorry. Emily Browning. Emily Browning must be pretty pissed right now. Disney teen queen Vanessa Hudgens is publicity gazumping the star of the ultra-violent Sucker Punch (March 25). “And then there are the weapons,” segues in their pistol-packing puff piece, with a cut-and-paste PR packet open in a separate window. “Blondie packs a mighty punch with her .50 calibre gun, which was quite a task for tiny Vanessa to master.” I’d like to see her master the task of holding down a real job. Still, as Oliver sang and UK beaters ask on the Glorious 12th, why grouse? We in the firearms community should welcome the HSM refugee’s entry into the world of school shooters. I mean, sci-fi fantasy gore-fests. Guns? She loves ’em! She says so right here . . .

She said “It’s the most exhilarating thing that I’ve done, shoot a .50 gun. You get behind that thing and you feel like the toughest person alive and just after every single take you have this massive adrenalin rush. Yeah. I kind of love gunpowder now.”

Or some kind of powder, anyway. Anyway, click here to be the 2,238,906th person to watch the Sucker Punch trailer. Do it for Emily. Who gets more money for every bum Vanessa’s PR machine put on a cinema seat. Actually, never mind. And mark my words, Ms. Hudgens will be saving fur seals or something liberal in about twenty minutes.


  1. avatar Richard says:

    It good see actor say they enjoy shooting guns other groups of actors claim there tools of devil.

  2. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    A hot girl who can handle a big gun, what more could you wish for in a woman.

    1. avatar Richard says:

      How bout the skill to make me a good sandwich.

      1. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

        I was going to mention cooking and cleaning, but I didn’t want to get pushy.

        1. avatar Bob H says:

          I think all y’all are getting ready to star in the caption contest photo…

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