UT Concealed Carry Out-of-State Permit Boom About to Go Bust?

Midwest Training Group instructor Andy Kemp [above] reports that the roving band of merry men and women guiding out-of-state residents through the Utah concealed carry permit process may see their revenue stream reduced to a trickle. “I just got off the phone with Utah.  Effective May 11th anyone applying for a non-resident Utah permit, from a state that has reciprocity with Utah, must submit their home-state ccw with their application,” Andy writes. “This is significant. Here is Idaho many residents never bother with the Idaho permit and simply go for Utah. Now they will have to get the Idaho ccw first. Residents of states that have no provision for ccw, such as Illinois and Wisconsin, and residents of states that do not have reciprocity with Utah are exempt.”


  1. avatar Mike C. says:

    Here in New Jersey we got nothing to worry about….NJ has no reciprocity….not even with NJ!

  2. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    I don’t understand why Utah will exempt states that don’t recognize their license and then force the people in states who cooperate with Utah to have a home state permit, it doesn’t seem fair.

  3. avatar Rob says:

    I doubt anyone cares about how fair it is. But they do care about the money it could potentially bring into those states w/reciprocity.

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