“The risk of handing out concealed-carry permits to people who may go on to commit crimes is reason enough to reject the current effort in Springfield to legalize concealed carry”

The Chicago Sun-Times doesn’t think that Illinois should allow law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. Nope. They can’t be trusted; the danger is too great. Citing the Violence Policy Center’s “Concealed Carry Killers” stats, the paper’s editorial board asserts that “The risk of handing out concealed-carry permits to people who may go on to commit crimes is reason enough to reject the current effort in Springfield to legalize concealed carry.” Besides, enabling guns encourages violence. “Concealed carry — what that does is reinforce the idea that violence is OK,” [CeaseFire Illinois Director Tia] Hardiman says. “What we are doing is trying to talk these guys down, but this encourages that cowboy mentality.” Hey, Willie and Waylon warned us.


  1. avatar Wes says:

    Fools. I pity them.

  2. avatar 2yellowdogs says:

    Well OF COURSE concealed carry means more violence. Just look at the other fortysomething states that allow CCW. Every minor traffic incident results in lead flying like a covey of startled quail. Bump in to someone in line at a fast food counter? You’re as good as swiss cheese. It’s like Dodge city on payday. Blood in the streets. In fact ALL crimes go up as every tin pot gunslinger lets the piece in his pocket go to his head, compensating for his small penis and inferiority complex.

    Oh. Wait.


  3. avatar Ralph says:

    “[H]anding out” CCW permits? Are these people out of their minds? Fingerprint checks, background investigations, classes and who knows what other hoops and hurdles, and they’re talking about “handing out” permits? Now you know why I want Chicago to eat shit and DIE. Hey, Japan, I know where you can store all that radioactive crap you need to get rid of. Free. Hell, I’ll even pay the shipping.

  4. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    I’ll help Ralph pay for the shipping, because these morons have to be stopped.

  5. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

    Is that like handing out drivers’ licenses to those who may go on to commit dui or hit and run?

  6. avatar Phil Wong says:

    Or like handing out badges and guns to cops who may go on to become corrupt and abuse the authority of their office?

    Oh wait – my bad, the analogy is imperfect…statistically, there is a HIGHER percentage of corrupt cops/feds than that of CCW-permittees whose permits get revoked due to being convicted of a crime(and most of those crimes are non-violent in nature)…

  7. avatar Jeff O. says:

    Better just jail and execute everyone everywhere, they murder someone somehow at somepoint in the future.

    1. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

      “The Dream Police, yeah they’re coming for you…”

  8. avatar ExNuke says:

    Of course Concealed Carry should be defeated in Illinois, every single person who lives there is either a criminal or mentally defective. Pathological liars, every last one. Who in their right mind would ever consider ALLOWING any one of them to have the same rights as the normal people in the rest of the country. Damn, even the editors of the Sun-Times might sneak into the line waiting for a permit to kill their neighbor or mailman. Do you know how much they would have to pay for ballistic armor for snowplow drivers? Stop this lunacy now before those homicidal maniacs start thinking they are as good as anybody else.

  9. avatar ConfederalRepublicInOurLifetime says:

    Jews drink the blood of atheists. Black people are far inferior to white people, and deserve perpetual slavery and abuse. Women should remain at home, confined to an area designated by their husbands, and provide sexual entertainment for their criminal husbands without consent, tearing apart their bodies and dignity in the process.

    Also, children deserve to be beaten violently for any and all degrees and types of disobedience and misbehavior. All Arabs deserve to burn in Hell because they’re Arabs. Gun control works, governments have authority to infringe upon such rights as possession and bearing of tools of lethal force, and more guns cause more crime.

    The last sentence/three statements is as valid as all the previous ones. That is to say, not fucking valid at all. Illinois can go fuck itself. In fact, I wish they’d secede, forming the Soviet Union of the Great Socialist Democratic Republic of Illinois, or the SUGSDRI.

    New York’s socialists and politicians should give free men NYC back (the land), move to some town somewhere else in New York, secede as well, and name themselves the Soviet Union of the Great Socialist Democratic Republic of New York, or the SUGSDRNY. California isn’t quite that far gone yet, although it sucks enough balls that it should at least rename itself to the Social Democratic People’s State of California.

    Of course, any and all such potential movements of secession will always call their new states the Soivet Union of the Great Socialist Democratic Republic of ________ (insert name of state/area), because socialists and communists are retarded, and wouldn’t know any other words without a dictionary – which they won’t have, because anybody literate enough to write one, or knowledgeable enough to have a vocabulary exceeding 100 words, will be placed in political prisons and executed for counter-progressive sentiments. Oh, and there won’t be anybody to produce dictionaries anyway, so they’ll produce their own government-approved one, with about 10 words in it.

    Then the leaders of these new states can meet up with Kim Jong-il and have a gay swingers’ party. They can blow each other, mostly figuratively but also literally, and discuss the extraordinary success of their ideologies.

    Long live irrationality. Long live illogic. Long live tyranny. America has come to the point, and has been at it for a while, where entire societies (states) have fallen so far into disrepair that they pass such edicts and laws. I’m not sure these people are redeemable.

    1. avatar Alex says:

      To be fair, the rest of us here in Illinois hate Chicago too. Hell, Cook County (Chicago) and one other were the only ones to vote in favor of our current governor. The rest of us voted against him.

  10. avatar Michael J. Gentle says:

    Maybe we should not allow drivers licenses either because someone might drink and drive and kill someone too. We should not allow schools because someone might be bullied until they kill themselves or others.
    It makes sense if you follow the logic expressed.

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