The Brady Campaign’s Favorite Music Video




  1. avatar 2yellowdogs says:

    I got through 1:30 before my eyes started bleeding. Not bad, all in all.

  2. avatar Buuurr says:

    It is sad when people can look at a silly video with silly lyrics such as this and think that we are a culture of violence. A couple of people shooting others makes it so? We penalize those people and incarcerate those people because this culture knows it is baaaaad (note sheaple reference). Would we have this video if there were no guns? You betcha! Only sticks would be outlawed soon after and hands made into fists would be removed.

    Conveniently they (baaaahh) overlook actual cultures of violence. You know… those places where people are still committing genocide? Yeah, they are still doing it since you first heard about it in the 90’s. Why don’t you hear about it now? Not. Politically. Relevant. It isn’t the latest sensation. Is George Clooney still trying to prevent Darfur from continuing? It never took off with the folk really. Who knows… How about Africa today? Not a culture of violence? How about China? How about Serbia? Burma anyone?

    Continue to baaahhh folks. Buuurr is gonna just keep on truckin’ because the thoughts and minds of sheep mean little to man anyway.

  3. avatar Travis Leibold says:

    Brutal. (punches self in balls)

  4. avatar ScottyV says:

    Its such a catchy little jingle!

  5. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    Now I understand why we shoot coyotes, at least the girl with the green eyes was pretty and the chick in red was really hot.

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