Gander Mountain Virtual Shooting Range: Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing?

Take a gander at this: a 360 degree shoot, no-shoot sim for self-defense-minded gun owners. Or non-gun owners. While the training benefits of Gander Mountain’s Virtual Shooting Range are obvious, its drawbacks are equally clear. Despite the multi-screen display, you’re basically facing a TV set, without any furniture. The environment is sterile. No cover, concealment or 3D impediments. The “shots” are fake, obviously. A fact that keeps you from paying attention in that profound sort of way you do when screwing-up has real consequences. There’s no smell. Now imagine you could combine this system with a shot house. Which, of course, you can. While it’s not as commercial a proposition, it’s exactly what the gun doctor ordered. So . . . where is it?


  1. avatar John Fritz says:

    Am I going senile… wait, let me rephrase that. Am I mistaken or was there not a similar post to this that has somehow disappeared?

  2. avatar Travis Leibold says:

    On history channel there was a show featuring military training and they had real shoot house that overlaid interactive video onto the walls. Using frangible ammo, it was live fire, plus interactive, plus 360 degress, and the computer scored hits and effectivness. It was SAWEET! Probably cost the govt a Bajillion dollars.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    This is just the ticket if you ever have to tangle with virtual home invaders.

  4. avatar Jake says:

    Man…hopefully it’s not in any of their stores. Think of the added customers their employees will have to deal with and maybe, well, engage, or even look at. There’s only so many places in those stores they can hide.

  5. avatar Keith Nuhn says:

    Help me build a virtual shooting range here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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