Extreme Shock Ammo’s Dot Com vs. Dot Net War

As the Brits would say, Extreme Ammo is not shy about coming forward. The company claims its tungsten core frangible ammo is “the safest, most technologically advanced light weapons ammunition produced in the world.” It can not, however, change the course of mighty rivers. In fact, Extreme Ammo’s owners are sensitive to wild claims about their ammo’s capabilities. For example, they say there’s no such thing as Tungsten-NyTrilium™, a material described on a Ninja-intensive extremeshockusa.com website built and maintained by Paramount Marketing. Which is one reason why Extreme Ammo’s broken with Paramount Marketing in the most public of ways: a press release on ammoland.com . . .

There was a lot of miscommunication from [Paramount’s] marketing that described Extreme Shock ammunition into magical performance levels that defied both basic ballistic knowledge and the laws of physics.

When the flaws in the marketing were brought to Paramount Marketing’s attention, they chose not to listen to our input and failed to change their strategy.

Extreme Shock then made the decision to hire a new and different, main stream marketing group with a more reality based marketing strategy, Blue August.

Inside Baseball factoid: Blue August also reps MasterPiece Arms. The MPA Protector .380 is queued-up for review next week. Anyway . . .

According to Extreme Shock ammo PR maven Robert Mullins, the more truthfully truthful officially official Extreme Shock ammo website now lives at extremeshockammo.net. The Divine Mr. M talked me through the company’s current products and future plans.

We’ll give you the frangible 411 in a separate post, with a full Foghorn evaluation to follow. Meanwhile, let the web wars begin! Oh wait, they already have.




  1. avatar Ralph says:

    “There was a lot of miscommunication from [Paramount’s] marketing that described Extreme Shock ammunition into magical performance levels that defied both basic ballistic knowledge and the laws of physics.”

    I guess Paramount writes the copy for Karl Lippard.

    1. avatar Rabbi says:

      Now THAT is funny.

      1. avatar porschespeed says:


  2. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    I’ll stick to my 700 grain T-REX bullets from Ranger Rick, they’ll stop any walking mammel.

  3. avatar Ross says:

    I saw a You Tube video where a NAA .32 extreme shock bullet was used to hunt a wild boar and it took down the pig with one shot; was this actually true or make believe stage vidoe? Unfortunatley I do not live in Texas or have a place where I can try to duplicate this test of this ammo . Would appreciate comments from shooters who have put down game with this ammo and their experiences.

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