TTAG Crests 175k Unique Viewers

I’m pleased to report that TTAG’s site traffic continues to grow. Although we plateaued a bit since the SHOT show, the site’s resumed a steady upward climb. The chart above shows our page views. Since we launched in the middle of February 2010, we’ve pressed play on 4,016 posts (including this one), racking-up 2,258,192 page views. Google […]

GoDaddy CEO Under Fire for “Elephant Snuff Film” revealed today that Avril Lavigne likes to hunt. And does she get shit for it? No. GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons likes to hunt. Does he get slammed? Oh yeah, he gets slammed. Then again, Avril is a sexy pint-sized rocker from Canada, where they do that sort of thing. Parsons is an OFWG (Old […]

The Truth About Closing the Gun Check Loophole

The British have an expression for disproportionate solutions that evoke the Law of Unintended Consequences: “using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.” All this post-Loughner clamor for states to send their mental health records to the NICS database (the criminal background check system for firearms purchases) strikes me as yet another solution that’s worse than […]

New Sons of Guns Red Jacket Firearms AR. And?

The NRA doesn’t like to share. So you’ll have to click here for a sneak peak at Red Jacket Firearms’ new AR. It’s The Mother of All Marketing Tie-Ins—excluding James Bond’s Walther PPK, Dirty Harry’s 44 Magnum and bunch of other TV and movie guns. Uh, anyway, the question must be asked: other than star […]

How to Sell A Gun Grabber Gun Rights

I wince whenever people refer to me or any of my acquaintances as a “gun nut.” But then so do a lot of collectors, hunters, dedicated sportspeople and anyone else who owns any firearm, for any purpose. I say “certain people” because many gunowners have accepted the term. In the same way that the N-word […]

Question of the Day: Could You/Did You Marry/Date Someone Who Didn’t Like Guns?

Time and time again I meet guys who harbor a secret, dormant love of guns—but don’t shoot. The reason? “My wife doesn’t allow guns in the house.” The easy explanation: they’re pussy-whipped. In truth, they all met their wives after they’d set aside their firearms fascination for the single-minded pursuit of business success. Guns were […]

What’s up with Texas?

I am a naturalized Texan. I was born, next door, in Louisiana, and as the bumper stickers in the Lone Star State say “I got here as quick as I could.” Everything’s bigger in Texas, including reputations. Case in point, our reputation for “Wild West”-style gun laws. But like the legend on the passenger side […]

ATF Gunwalker Scandal Explained

If you want to know why in Sam Hill the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (and Really Big Fires) would tell American gun dealers to go ahead and sell weapons to Mexico-bound gun smugglers, you have to understand the ATF’s modus operandi. Unlike other law enforcement agencies who react to crime and investigate, the ATF […]