What Was That About Peaceful Protesters Not Needing Firearms?

“Libyan forces fired machine-guns at mourners marching in a funeral for anti-government protesters in the eastern city of Benghazi yesterday,” todayonline.com reports. “A day after snipers and foreign mercenaries loyal to longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi shot demonstrators. Women and children leapt from bridges to their deaths as they tried to escape the ruthless crackdown on Saturday. Artillery and helicopter gunships were also used against crowds of demonstrators, and thugs armed with hammers and swords had attacked families in their homes. A doctor at one city hospital said he counted 200 dead in his morgue alone since the unrest began six days ago.” Martin Luther King that.


  1. avatar Wes says:

    Trust your government, folks.

  2. avatar TTACer says:

    Did they try rhyming chants? That always seems to work.

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