Texas Campus Carry Gains Momentum


  1. avatar Steve says:

    Wow, a CNN piece that’s fairly balanced. I hope that bill passes in Texas, and in my own state where I am a grad student at a public university. It’s a long walk to my car at night and people get mugged every now and then in that area; it’s hard to stand up for yourself if you have to leave your gun at home. I know there are a million reasons to support such legislation, both practical and philosophical, but a real self defense issue is my immediate concern.

  2. avatar Jake F. says:

    That was a well pretty well balanced piece and I like how the reporter even commented on the drop in violent crime rates over the period CHL have been in effect.

    This is one of the first political issues I’ve felt strongly about because it effects me and my family. I am currently attending a Texas college and my little brother will be out of high school and in college in the next few years, as such I am rooting for this and looking forward to the knowledge that if something were to go down I, or someone else in the room, could take action. As long as they have a CHL I don’t have a problem with someone carrying a gun in my class; if the law passes I know I will.

  3. avatar AntiCitizenOne says:

    Did pigs just fly or what?

  4. If the level of stupidity wasn’t so high, I’d think it was actually funny how Rodriguez mentioned “a safe learning environment.” After Wentworth specifically called him out for using that phrase, he said it again!

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