Road Rage Redefined

And what’s that about “many helicopters have it”? Like I’m not paranoid enough. Kidding. Unless the helicopters are black. Or marked ATF.


  1. avatar Buuurr says:

    I had one of these about ten years back. Originally I was using it for political reasons. I had the mount custom made by a guy up in Montreal who looked just like Jack Black (oddly I reminded myself of Bruce Willis). I kept trying to tell him his machining was off so we ran a test and he somehow lost a hand or some such. I moved my show back to the U.S. and some pesky people shot up my van rig setup. One of them looked just like Richard Gere. Now that I think of it – it was! Anyways… great gun, smooth, lots of power and fantastic if used to hunt roosting turkeys.

  2. avatar Bob H says:

    The “Many helicopters have it” bit reminded me of my reaction to those highway signs: “SPEED LIMIT AIRCRAFT ENFORCED”. Of course I had always envisioned a P-51 strafing speeders…

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