Obscure Object of Desire: SPDTool Model S&W

I’m a one blade kinda guy. Not for me those Swiss Army jobs, holding everything from a cheese grater to a cocaine spoon. When it comes to guns, I’m pretty much the same way—in the sense that I don’t like to have too many guns hanging about. If I actually have to use one, I want to know that I know how to use it. Wait, which gun is this again? Where’s the safety? But I totally get the Semper Fi thing. If you have a tool that does it all AND does exactly what you need it to, then by God that tool is a work of art. Like Scott Conti’s SPDTool Model S&W . . .

Scott designed the SPDTool Model S&W for people monkeying about with Smith & Wesson K,L and N frame revolvers. Machined out of durable and lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum, the tool has two halves, magnetically attached. Pull to reveal two hollow-ground screwdrivers, a stainless steel slide-rebound spring tool and an extractor rod tool.

Like Scott’s Sig fixer, the SPDTool Model S&W is the perfect tool for the job. Literally. Saying that, I’ve told Scott he needs to take this thing WAY upmarket: a no-expense spared 1911 fixing thingie—without so much damn branding—that makes you want to buy a $5k 1911. Or just the tool without the gun. Of course.

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