“Glock-19: Investment In Personal Protection Or Killing Machine?”


  1. avatar Brad Kozak says:

    See…this is why I have almost NO respect for the “lamestream media.” Take an issue. Take a position. Find someone on the far Left of the issue as your go-to guy for pull quotes. Find someone just a little less extreme as a representative of the “opposition.” Mix well. Half-bake it, so that it appears to be an even-handed treatment, using framing techniques like “everyone agrees,” and “statistics show,” without any corroborating evidence. Serves 300 million.

    Now if they were to do a story that wasn’t simply a hatchet job on a G19 – say, for instance, get R. Lee Ermey on-camera, where he’d undoubtedly tell this jackwagon that ANY gun can be used for good or evil, and singling out a particular model of Glock is really, really STUPID – then you’d at least have a balanced, if not fair, story. But this? This is circular logic at it’s worst.

    1. avatar Magoo says:

      Lee is a Great American, to be sure, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing him in media rotation for a while. He recently took to the stage to launch a confusing rant about how the Obama administration is deliberately tanking the economy to hasten a totalitarian takeover…. at a Toys for Tots event. Farewell, Gunny, and I hope it’s not good-bye. We’ll miss you.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    So now Glocks are evil? I’m getting a headache.

    1. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

      Most cops carry Glocks, so does that make them bad?

  3. avatar 2yellowdogs says:

    It’s so nice to see a reasoned, balanced examiniation of an issue. I’m sure the title, ‘Killing Machine’ wasn’t at all a reflection of this Murrow-esque reporter’s personal viewpoint.

    You have to also appreciate when our intrepid reporter intoned, “…a Glock 19 fired the fatal rounds”. I hate to burst your bubble Jeff, but no, it didn’t. In both cases (Virginia Tech and Tucson) the fatal rounds were fired by sociopathic wackos who exhibited warning signs brighter than the lights in Times Square for literally years before they finally went on their shooting sprees.

    I love local news. It’s probably a stretch to call a basement operation in Ft. Wayne mainstream, but this same approach is so prevalent in reporting that it’s emblematic of the true MSM view and methods. I’m sure the report will be shown in J-school classrooms across the land as an example of good, hard-hitting journalism.

    1. avatar AuricTech says:

      I wonder if an SUV drove the Glock to the scene.

      1. avatar 2yellowdogs says:

        They must have. What other mode of transportation is as innately evil and malevolent?

  4. avatar Ryan Finn says:

    “We enable dangerous people to go out an kill humans in this country and that’s wrong”
    Ok Paul, lets play a game where you and I list the items within our reach that would enable a dangerous person to kill other humans. Then we’ll figure out how to make it illegal so we can protect our fellow citizens from dangerous people. I’ll go first. My hands, this keyboard, my pen, the dictionary, the desk phone, my feet, my pocket knife, the lid from my soup can…………….

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      … dozens of edged weapons in my kitchen, two baseball bats in my garage, the hatchet I keep in my car, and my cutting wit.

  5. avatar Rabbi says:

    Bet we won’t we ever see this in a headline:

    Ford; the killing machine choice of drunk drivers.

  6. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    More people are killed by cars and trucks every year than by guns, so let’s ban these evil modes of transportation and go for a long walk.

    1. avatar Vigilantis says:

      It would cut down on obesity, which is the number one killer of people in this country.

  7. avatar Ben Shotzberger says:

    I think they said it all right there in the last few sentences..

    “criminals don’t go to stores to buy guns, magazines, or ammunition.”

    … so; who are we legislating against exactly?

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