ArmaLite Joins TTAG as Advertiser

You may have noticed our new Armalite Tweet widget. If not, please do. (It’s in the right hand column, below our list of reviews.) I developed the feature to give our new advertiser ArmaLite something other than an ad that just sits there on the page looking all ArmaLity and all. [NB: We’ll be promoting Lucky Gunner throughout the site with text links and promotions, drawing your attention to their killer service and low prices. And I’m only saying that because it’s true.] If you’re a gun industry type who’d like to support TTAG’s mission, and get your products or services in front of 170k uniques per month (and rising), please ping me at [email protected] Meanwhile, thanks to our readers who give us reason—-and money—to live.


  1. avatar RScott says:

    Armalite is happy with their ad positioned that far down the page? Either they are giving you nothing for it, or know absolutely zero about internet advertising.

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