“Don’t Shoot New York” Now Why Would I Want to Do That?

“Local politicians and anti-violence advocates marched from the United Nations to Times Square on Sunday to participate in the ‘Don’t Shoot New York’ march and rally,” theepochtimes.com reports “[It was] presented by Operation SNUG. State senators Malcolm Smith and Gustavo Rivera, and Assembly members Grace Meng, Brian Kavanagh, and David Weprin joined the event.” Ah Operation […]

50 BMG: Follow the Leader?

In the midst of all the kerfuffle surrounding the ATF Project Gunwalker scandal we’ve learned that the feds have let more than a few Barrett 5o’s flow down the so-called Iron River to Mexico. As with most things media, over time, the shock value of drug lords equipped with large-caliber rifles has worn off. Besides, […]

Gun Control Kills

Fom the star-telegram.com In the waning days of July 1910, racial hatred ignited around this East Texas village. Bands of white residents took up rifles and shotguns and hunted down and slaughtered African-Americans. When it was over, estimates of the black dead ranged from eight to 20 or more. All of the known victims were […]