SHOT Show: Steyr Arms SSG 08 Rifle in Lapua Magnum. What’s Not to Love?

Shooting a good rifle is a God-like experience. Oh sure, God can throw a thunderbolt, LOTS of thunderbolts, from 20,000 feet or so. And those bolts are BAD. But from what I’ve seen, His accuracy sucks. The accuracy of the Steyr Arms SSG 08 rifle in Lapua Magnum, on the other hand, is phenomenal. Spectacular. Awesome, as in the “standing mute in the face of God” (rather than the Valley Girl description of a strawberry smoothie sense of the word). I’m not the kind of shooter who can fully utilize the round’s extreme distance capabilities; my math skills are about as refined as Snookie’s manners. And I’m not prepared to pay more for a round than I would for a Venti cup of Starbuck’s Clover-brewed El Salvador. So an SSG 08 in .308 would do me. But I can understand the appeal. Oh yes. Yes indeed. Make the jump to see the rare rifle action in action . . .


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Four to eight bucks a shot or more for .338 Lapua rounds makes for a short range session for most civilian shooters. That’s about the only thing not to love about this or any other fine .338 rifle.

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