SHOT Show: New Guns. Blue Guns. This Gun’s Not For You Guns

Blue guns are not new guns but they are good for you guns. For self-defense defenders defending in a crusade that’s never ending, a blue gun is one of the few guns that’s totally safe for you guns. A model gun is another fun gun when there’s no battle to be won. But bad things can be done when faced one-on-one. What is to be done with the one with the gun who uses that gun to make people run? What would you do? What could you do? According to John Ring, blue guns are the thing! The repros are cool but Ring’s not a fool. He looks out for buyers who turn out to be liars so nothing bad can transpire. At least in theory.


  1. avatar 2yellowdogs says:

    Enjoy the gun show. I hear it’s a fun show. While I like Dr. Seuss, the style can be rather abstruse. But keep those posts coming as the SHOT show keeps humming because we’re enjoying the mode you’re employing.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    If I hear one more rhyming lesson I’m reaching for my Smith & Wesson.

    1. avatar John Fritz says:

      Can I help you please? I’ll bring my CZ.

      Apologies to our European and Canadian readers since that won’t rhyme for them.

  3. avatar DonWorsham says:

    I never did like poetry.

  4. avatar Martin Albright says:

    I thought maybe Robert was rapping, Eminem style. Throw down those funky beats!

  5. avatar AuricTech says:

    You ought to get another Beretta.

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